MUSIC/ARTWORK: Limited edition CDr of Absolutely Stiller Resists’ ‘Live at Studio4ons (May 25th 2024)’, 2024

Limited edition handmade CDr, housed in a plastic CD sleeve with Obi-strip and enclosed with a singular rhinestone. The inside of the plastic sleeves include a clump of horse-tail hair from a tensioned stick used when practicing for the live set.

– Every disk and sleeve features unique hand drawn artwork
– The Obi-strip comes in ‘Blue Bay Beach’ Blue (x4), ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ Red (x2), ‘Radioactive Piss’ Yellow (x2), ‘Kingsday’ Orange (x1) and ‘United Nations’ Blue (x1).




Registration of Absolutely Stiller Resists’ live set during BBJTC’s ‘A Drop of Water in a Glass of Sand’ event at Studio4ons (hosted by eeebooks) in Amsterdam, on the 25th of May 2024.

The event was dreamt up following the release of Joachim Stiller’s ‘In Shallow Water’ (BBJTC16) and was meant as a release event of sorts. The night also featured a performance by Till Hormann, a Tape Jockey set by Dialog Mit Der Jugend and a dia-show with photographs by Jeroen Kooijmans.

This live set was put together exclusively for this specific event, featuring improvised and or unreleased material made under the monikers Absolute Candor, Joachim Stiller and All Solid Matter Resists respectively – Following the theme of water depicted by ‘In Shallow Water’ to mesh together the three monikers into a 1 hour sound bath.

In many ways this performance was an experiment in and exploration of dissonance, frequencies and feedback.

The set consisted of and featured (bowed) guitar, ‘The Ashtray’-guitar, a synth-sequencer, a tongue drum and is backed by a 1hr soundscape of field recordings and ASMR recordings of water.

For fans of Mica Levi, Okkyung Lee, OPN, Otomo Yoshihide, etc.

released May 31, 2024

Performed by Mees Joachim as Absolutely Stiller Resists

Special thanks to Mitko, Marius, Till, Niklas, Jeroen, Peter, Yiyi, Yusuf, Jojanneke, Noor, Lucifer.