CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for ACTRESS; ‘The Assimilation Room’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“As per most of the time the room is directly
connected to the bird, though this time it is truly in
space. The space within this space is based upon
the interior of a ‘Borg-Cube’, with miscellaneous
tubes and cables and sci-fi paneling lining the
walls, floor and ceiling of the room.
The objects themselves are in and of themselves
representations and or references to the connected
musicians, Actress and Milyma, the context program
and (un-)specific media. Floating mirror cubes
hosting Actress’ R.I.P. logo in full 3D, an abstraction
of a Componium, a Linking Cable (as first shown
in Pokemon Legends: Arceus), an A.T.F. from Neon
Genesis Evangelion (visually in line with Actress’
‘Splazsh’ artwork) and finally, being conserved in a
tube for tests, the Mees Joachim X Actress festival
exclusive T-shirt.”