CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for Thomas Azier; ‘Mouthful’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“For the space that inhibits the Thomas Azier’s bird,
the concept was taken to extremes. Mouths and
their respective tongues line the walls and ceiling,
skin stretched to form a floor, nailed to the floor
as was Jesus nailed to the cross. Even the objects
presenting the context program are derived from
these aspects, with video’s being premiered through
devoured TV’s. Next to all of that is Cassandra O’bi
Blanche, which could be seen as a secondary bird of
paradise. This secondary avatar hosting Obi Blanche
himself! Cassandra is the true interpretation of
the last human, as depicted in Doctor Who’s series
1’s second episode: “The End of the World”, though
subjugated to the visual language of the artist’s
former alter-ego; ‘Evelyn MacIntosh’.
This inhibited space also hosts a self-portrait of the
artist, with the mole in the space being a portrait of
that of the artist, acting as a Cherub.”