CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for Bryce Dessner; ‘Multiplicity (Plucked)’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“The avatar for Bryce Dessner went through quite a life cycle,
but some how the main intention stayed the same. The most
important thing was to depict some kind of multiplicity. Both
because of Dessner’s multiplicity and how the Complete
Mountain Almanac came to be, with the amounts of heads
present in the project. Therefore the bird needed (at least)
two heads, the mirrored image. In shape it’s the simplest bird
and the most birdlike avatar.

It’s still a chicklet in many ways though, which stands in line
with CMA’s themes related to seasons, cycles and contrasts.
The bird’s wings are far from standard – As with all avatars
there’s a certain tribal aesthetic present – but also in place
of protrusion it deviates from the standard. The head, the
mind, from where all this multiplicity was formed.”