CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for JLIN; ‘The Drum (Clawed)’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“This avatar is in a lot of ways the most minimalistic and
refined in nature, which is something quite in line with JLIN’s
musical output. The base for the bird is a Taiko drum, though
expanded upon with bird-like features. The top skin of the
drum is adorned with three bird-heads designed in shape a
‘mitsudomoe’; which translates to ‘Threefold Tomoe’, which is
often depicted on taiko drums.

For the printed version of the avatar, the bottom skin of
the drums is extended into three bird-toes, in shape and
twisted form, based on the same ‘mitsudomoe’. In the
process of making this avatar, the idea of having the wings
be ‘keychains’ became prevalent. Once again shaped in a
tribal-like design, but to follow the mitsudomoe, presented
in threefold. The base of the drum itself is meant to depict
and opal of sorts; The eyes of the world.”