CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for LAMBERT; ‘Lambert’s new mask’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“Mees Joachim van Amesfoort came up with this
design by diligently scouring for inspiration, through
a rather chaotic process. In the end it became a
bit of a juxtaposition of a variety of sources and
influences all of which deal with masks in some way
or another. Influences include, but are not limited to,
the Legend of Zelda, Studio Ghibli’s ‘Howl’s Moving
Castle’, Demon Slayer’s ‘Inosuke’ and were poured
into a mold of macabre homoeroticism. The mask
itself it heavily rooted in renditions of The Phantom
of the Opera’s mask, Venetian mask designs and
projected onto the great ox mask the musician
Lambert fancies.”