CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for LUWTEN; ‘Precision Flora’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“This design is fully designed around Luwten’s general
musical production style, which overflows with subtle,
precise and refined elements, as well as funnily enough, the
shadow in the press-photos.

What was originally meant to be just a cardboard cutout in
the shape of the shadow, became a design for an arrow. This
happened rather naturally, by redesigning and stylizing the
shape of the shadow. But juxtaposing that with the keywords
derived from Luwten’s production style, I quickly came to the
idea of Tessa herself being a weapon of precision (an arrow
or shuriken). The arrow’s tail is designed after the shadow,
however, the head is more classical in shape.

Together with Tessa Douwstra (Luwten) and in relation to
the theme, we came up with the idea of a plant-like arrow.
The ability to contort itself endlessly, though anchored
by the pod at the center of it’s stick, and grow in all the
possible directions. The pod itself, which in shape is based
on a walnut (a hard nut to crack), can be seen as a base of
operations. The experimentation phase when producing
music, with roots growing into different directions, though at
it’s center the balance of determination.”