MUSIC/ARTWORK: Zalmroze’s The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 1-5), 2022

Zalmroze’s The Early Years [2015-2016] is the master-collection of tracks made between 2015 and 2018, sorted by mood, vibe and thematics, split between 5 disks.

The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 1) –  (Streaming Bandcamp)

The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 2) – (Streaming / Bandcamp)

The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 3) – (Streaming / Bandcamp)

The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 4) – (Streaming / Bandcamp)

The Early Years [2015-2018] (Disk 5) – (Streaming / Bandcamp)


Disk 1 features melancholic love songs, with guitar and voice at the base, juxtaposed with electronic instrumentation and experimentation, and layered with field-recordings.

Disk 2 features melancholic lovesongs, but delving more into the loss of love, through rougher and more experimental instrumentation. Guitar and voice are still at the base of it all, though the general vibe has shifted to a more irritated and aggressive tone, processed in a more abstract fashion.


Disk 3 is Zalmroze going almost entirely electronic, experimenting with a variety of electronic music instruments. Thematically it’s scattered between love and loss, hopelessness and hopefulness. This disk also features several interpolations of songs by Roosbeef (track 2), Marco Borsato (track 3) and Frans Bauer (track 4).

Disk 4 sees Zalmroze lose their shit and reach full experimental peak. This disk is filled with concept-songs and reworks of older tracks, even a love song for a record-shelf.

Disk 5 is a bit of an EP, only counting 4 tracks. These 4 tracks are separates, unfitting to the other themed disks, though working well together. as a single-collection. Track 2 features and interpolation of BLØF’s Omarm Mij.