PERFORMANCE: “Appropriating The Smiths’ Asleep”, with Timothée Sarran, @ Stage III @ Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2017

Creating artificial romance, that’s the endgoal!

Two men, both wearing a black wife-beater, red sports-shorts (Adidas and Puma respectively), a hoop earring and pink makeup, laying down on a 4x4m plastic square, lit by two flat-lights that are being held up by tripods. On the corner of the square lays a reference to an older performance (Joachim Stiller @ Radio Rietveld)

Man #2 (Timothée Sarran) is already laying down on the square, “relaxed”, while man #1 (The Artist) walks up to the square with a microphone in his hand. Man #2 lays down beside man #1, slightly and slowly having his body tighter to man #2. A smirk, a smile, is flashed. Shared by man #1 and man #2. The microphone moves to man #1’s mouth and words sung as songs, come out. Interludes and refrains of three songs being sung to man #2. The first being a lullaby sung to man #1 by his mom during his childhood, the second being “Sea of Love” by the Honeydrippers (Catpower version) and the last being the climax of “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf. And as the bodies of Man #1 and Man #2 grow tighter, slowly moving closer to one other, man #1 starts singing louder, more passionate and with more falsetto and the singing stops. Both men get up, move the adidas jacket and wig to the side and fold the plastic square to it’s original shape and pick up the two flat-lights, still connected to their tripods, and bring them to the backstage.