PERFORMANCE/MUSIC: “Arrows pointing in the right direction”, 2018

4 voices, 1 saxophone, 1 overhead projector, 17 A4

plastic sheets, 1 black and white printed paper and 4

“dancers”. All dressed in all-white, wearing hoop earrings

and earplugs.

A performance often dubbed as a “live”-composition

session. Herein the artist projected sheetmusic, written

in arrows and sometimes combined with text, onto a

white rectangle on the faced wall. Thereafter, once

such a sheet of music, printed on plastic, was put

down, the saxophonist (Ossip Blits) and the two female

singers (Meis Vranken & Chen Yiyi) would interpret the

symbols as they would seem fit. And as they, both the

“musicians” as the “dancers”, were all wearing earplugs,

something quite abstract was born. Timesignatures were

shifting and octaves were disregarded.

Simultaneously the 4 “dancers” (Manuela Rosso, Joost

Koster, Juni Mun & Adriana Lasheras) were looping a

simple 8-step choreography, based on part of the lyrical

content, finishing with a slap on their own ass.

Once again, thanks to the earplugs, the tempo of

movement shifted over time and through this a

polyrythmic percussive element was achieved.

The lyrical content itself was based on quotes picked up

by the artist, from his surroundings, over the course of

a year.