CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for Bryce Dessner; ‘A Completed Mountain’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“The story of how the Complete Mountain Almanac came to
be is quite captivating, as well as the thematics present
in the project itself. Going through information sheets
regarding the project, it quickly became clear this room was
supposed to be the main focus and form the base for the
Artist Room. The landscape, distorted by climate change,
existing in the cyclical nature of nature and objects to
outline this depiction.
The location: A water basin trapped in a mountain, on which;
A burnt tree, mirroring the flourishing tree that’s getting
ready for the next season. Though the landscape used to be
covered in snow and ice, only a few icey floaters remain. It’s
barren and it’s beautiful. There’s the promise of new life.”