CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for JLIN; ‘ The Tomb (Ominous)’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“Jlin came up with the idea of having her room be an Egyptian
tomb, which formed the basis for the design of this room,
as well as the Met Cloisters at New York’s Metropolitan
Museum of Art where Jlin’s Sonic Cloisters performance
was recorded. It’s dark and it’s slightly surreal and esoteric.
Lit only by fire, invisible spotlights and the ominous red
glow coming from outside. Almost everything in the room is
actually in black and white, but with some lighting magic, the
base color of the bricks seems like it’s in a beige-yellow tint.
The artifacts present in this tomb are directly and indirectly
related to their own puzzle pieces from the context
program. Akoma, a West African symbol that derives from
the Asante (or Ashanti) peoples of modern-day Ghana,
being represented by a ceramic Egyptian heart. Fitting,
as the direct translation of Akoma would be ‘heart’. Other
objects represent Jlin’s inspirations and aspirations,
depicted through games and toys, specific performances
and projects through literal and metaphorical tools (such as
the launchpad and desk pendulum) and as a bit of a double
reference, in the back left corner lives a creature dubbed
‘Cloynic’, which is a fusion between Sonic the Hedgehog and
the Pokémon Cloyster.”