CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for The Art of Listening; ‘The Art of Listening Exhibition,’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“Quite quickly it became clear, that the room had to be an
exhibition of sorts. As soon as the project’s title was heard,
the words “I want to make an exhibition where everything is
focussed around listenings, whilst also referencing a lot of
artists and designers, whilst also trying to replica Stedelijk
Museum Amsterdam’s vibe (and bad lighting)” were uttered.
This feat was succeeded successfully. Overly glossy laminate
flooring, white walls and bright light that turns all photo’s
yellow were a great starting point for this to be replicated.
The artworks on show are all slightly cynical and highly
referential. A spot painting, in reference to Damien Hirst,
where all the spots are in fact the holes of EarPods – A
Pearpod case, which turns out to be a floss-container – A
double reference to the Barbara Kruger X Supreme debacle,
with highly sought after brick even being present – A conch,
which is already ear shaped in may ways, shaped like an ear
and in color and material in reference to our dear Jeff Koons
– and last but not least, the enlarged cue-tips, which speak
to the enlargement of day to day objects (Claes Oldenburg).”