CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for LUWTEN; ‘ The Overgrown Sermon-Tabernacle’, for Birds of Paradise 2023

“The themes and aesthetics of this artist room were formed
together with Tessa Douwstra (Luwten). Originally based
on and in Hartmut Rosa’s ‘Resonance’, eventually it shifted
towards (new) beginnings. The church at heaven’s gate as
an echo box, resonating, and the room itself being used as
a starting point for the (new) beginning. The space itself
is in shape based on a church’s ‘pulpit’, though in function
most related to the ‘tabernacle’. The tabernacle being where
the holy sacrament is stored. In a lot of ways the context
program, represented by the objects present in the scene,
function as the holy sacrament to Luwten x B.O.X’s day’s
The abundance of plant-life, though originally based in the
front womxn’s own likes, supports and enhances the idea of
the room being a starting point, from which you may move
into the next scene. Plants in themselves are creatures of
life and even in death they make way for new beginnings.
The presence of intercoms, speakers and doorbells are
heavily connected to the theme, as well as the support
acts of this specific festival day. All of these objectoids are
symbols for contact and a dive into the unknown. You never
really know what you may find on the receiving end of such