CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for REDO; ‘A New Dawn, In Your Mother’s Attic’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“To host the bird of Redo, Dominique and Binkbeats,
Mees Joachim van Amesfoort was looking for
something to replicate the hard work put into the
development of the project that is ‘A New Dawn’,
whilst indicating the coming of a new dawn. A
makeshift practice room, lit by Louis Poulsen’s ‘PH5’
and a red X (Redo @ TedX), filled with empty water
bottles, symbolizing time spent, spare t-shirts,
ballet shoes to signify composing for performance
and a bootleg JBL speaker, to motivate one
to go H.A.M.
Next to the bird, there is once again a secondary
avatar present, namely Dominique’s hand holding a
baton for Redo to balance upon.”