CGI/CD&DI: 3D-Artist Room for Roomful of Teeth; ‘A Room Filled With Teeth’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“Somewhere between a morgue and a dentist’s
space of practice, Mees Joachim van Amesfoort’s
most important of importancies, was to have the
space filled with teeth and it to be a place where
toothy patients would meet. If anything, the dentist
chair, whose seating is more suited to the shape of
a tongue, is an indication of a job well done. X-rays
become prizes, though not always well kept, and a
headmirror becomes a piece of music.
Furthermore the space is filled with little personal
references and preferences. The artist’s old
dentist’s practice had an illustration by Escher on
the ceiling, one might surmise that this was meant
for relaxation purposes, and the light lighting the
chair is nothing more than a replica of the artist’s
’niet te koop’ lamp, acquired from Rataplan
a few years ago.”