CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for ACTRESS; ‘Furborg’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“Combining aspects of a multitude of sources of
inspiration is tending to become one of Mees
Joachim van Amesfoort’s strong suits. Reading up
on the context program and the contents of the
program surrounding Actress and Milyma, the artist
quite swiftly encountered a suppressed memory.
The Furby! Evil incarnate. However, the Furby was
also the first semi-artificial intelligence they had
come in contact with, within their chronology. An
assisting factor to locating the base of the design,
was that this evil incarnate was also very much
birdlike. The artist stripped the Furby of its skin and
stumbled upon another fuel to their fire. The Borg!

Star Trek’s Intergalactic superpower, a tech-based-
humanoid alien species who function as the most prevailing antagonist to Starfleet’s protagonism.
This species and their general aesthetic, could very
much turn this avatar for the GhettoVillain into a
true Tech-giant (tech-villains if you must).”