CGI/CD&DI: Avatar for Thomas Azier; ‘Ophanim Azier’, for Birds of Paradise 2022

“Out of all the birds of paradise, this one was birthed
most directly from the source material. The name
of the project presented during the festival by
Thomas Azier and Obi Blanche, namely ‘Glossolalia’,
was the main inspiration for this design. Taking the
definition of the term Glossolalia, “the phenomenon
of (apparently) speaking in an unknown language,
especially in religious worship.”, into account and
juxtaposing it with a certain biblically accurate
angel, Ophanim, making a few edits to their
depictions along the way (eyes becoming mouths
and eyelashes becoming tongues), was the only way
this could’ve been thought up. The rings of Azier &
Blanche’s angel are embedded and branded with
Enochian typography, with Enochian being an occult
constructed language — said by its originators to
have been received from angels.”