CLOTHING/ILLUSTRATION: T-shirt designs for Birds of Paradise Festival 2023, 2023

Inspired and based on 90s grindcore / surf rock / metal
artwork, A.G. Cook’s Apple artwork, movie posters (Hitchcock
/ Gillard), Givenchy ss22, xerox/riso printing and to some
extent the ‘22 BoP Actress t-shirt.

The black T-shirt print is a processed collage of new and old
renders of the birds (plus a googley-eye, so that Son Lux has a
bit of it too) and typographical experiments.
The back of the white T-shirt is based on our full-lineup
tile format, but in this case the clouds are simulated using
stylized illustrative lettering. The front of the white T-shirt features the logo.

All text (except for the BoP logo and margins), as you may
see, is handwritten, adding just a little more to that surf rock