EXHIBITION: ‘The Birds of Paradise & The Expanse In Which They Reside: Act II’ @ De Singel’s Expoplein, during Birds of Paradise 2023 (17th & 18th of March 2023)

Artist slash designer Mees Joachim van
Amesfoort (NL, 1994) was asked and tasked to
design and conceptualize the visual language of
the festival. Quite quickly it turned into a world
in itself, where all the artists of the lineup are
(re-)presented through birdlike avatars and
are delved into, through accommodating them
within micro-universes of their own
(Artist Rooms).

The birds in themselves are metaphors for the
artists, their practice, their art, their (projects’)
context, etcetera. With all of these aspects
viewed and projected through the lens of van
Amesfoort’s mind’s eye. An egg was laid and forth
came the manifestations of an amalgamation
of influences, inspirations and children of the

The concept of the ‘Artist Room’ offer the artists
the possibility to curate a unique context program
by sharing personal perspectives on their music
and identity through a plurality of media. In these
artist rooms these perspectives and idioms of
identity are presented through objectoids, all of
which represent the topics at hand.

On show in this exhibition are 2D prints of the
rooms and 3D prints of the birds, T-shirt designs
and an audio-installation. The 3D-prints were
made possible by Utrecht native 3D-printerette,

Special thanks to Jessica Dassen, Guy Anthoni, Emma Eversteijn, Fleur de Vlieger & Frank Veenstra