MUSIC/ARTWORK: ‘Paradise Mix I-IV’ for ‘The Birds of Paradise & The Expanse In Which They Reside: Act II’ exhibition during Birds of Paradise Festival 2023, 2023

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Paradise Mix I: The Body

Paradise Mix II: Feelings

Paradise Mix III: The Mind

Paradise Mix IV: Mental Objects


The Description: 

To create a sonic 5th Artist room to host the exhibition in, the artist,
Mees Joachim, created a collection of mixes centered around
a track from a yet to be released Zalmroze album; ‘Het Mezen
Meezing Lieder’. This track functions as an anchor to the mixes and
when listened in succession, this track marks a reset of sorts
every hour or so.
The track itself is an ambient composition centered around birds
(or the idea of birds), wether real or synthesized, made up of
melancholic synth work, mixed with field recordings made in
Amsterdam, The Hague, Venice and Torino.
Every mix is made up of a collection of unreleased tracks, demo’s,
deep cuts and sonic experiments, created by the artist under
a variety of monikers for a variety of musical projects between
2019 and 2023 and furthermore has been built around the
aforementioned track, from which they deconstruct and expand
into an expanse of sound, only to be catapulted back to the anchor
(the aforementioned track). Stylistically the sound and thus the
mood switches and genre-wise it shifts from ambient, to IDM, to
atmospheric folk and even bordering on modern-classical at times.
Selected tracks originate from several unreleased musical works,
such as an untitled Joachim Stiller project, a three part album,
by Nick Nicole pt.II & Nicolette Nixon, that functions as the next
chapter of the story set up in 2019’s ‘Insatiable Kook’, ‘Absolutely
Can (working title)’ by Absolute Candor, an audio-visual artwork
centered around fire and Zalmroze’s ‘(Naakt-)Slakken Taferelen)’,
an ambient / avant-folk album.
The titles of the mixes have been lifted from ‘Satipatthana’ – aka
the Four Foundations of Mindfulness – which seemed fitting as
each consecutive mix has such a distinctive mood.