GRAPHIC/CGI/COLLABORATION/PRODUCTdESIGN: “A Folder for Sébastien” in collaboration w/ Ariane Boot, 2020

“A Folder for Sébastien

By Mees Joachim & Ariane Boot, 2020

Tinted wood (bordeaux) and gold-plated galvanized metal.

A 3-plane folder to store (2D) works, which doubles as a presentation method.

Several faces have been decorated with an experimental storage facility grid, organized in such a way that it should be rather easy to slide in works of a variety of sizes, whilst up keeping an interesting appearance.

The handlebar itself is a hinge-lock-grapple system, where once’s surface of grabbing ís the method of locking the three planes together. Sliding the cylindrical block through the circular holes (extended from the top hinges), with not only you, but also gravity, keeping the whole thing in place.

Clouds, fire, thunder and grass not included.”