PERFORMANCE: “MOOFMOVEMOOF” w/VAV @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, during Rietveld Uncut

A Pop-up Group Movement | VAV – Moving Image

Department Project for Rietveld Uncut @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2018

“Who is the artwork? A choir of bodies, holding hands, gesticulating, from head to toe, using your device as an ear, voyeurism, watch and being watched, a snapchat – intervention, a pop-up sharing of intimate flesh, awakening dead flesh, private scenes, whispering voices, blood bending, professional hugging, sticking together, analogue touch, hilarious things, furry stuff, tactile départ.”

11 performers, all being lead by an 2 hour “soundtrack” (juxtaposed of commands and songs & composed by all performers) through headphones, following the soundtrack to the fullest. Dancing & sweating. All wearing clothing from the warmer part of the colour spectrum and having fake tattoos sticked onto their bodies.


Théo Ader, Dick Alle Huppes, Mees van Amesfoort, Charles Debord, Lucie Gérard, Elia Kalogianni, Joost Koster, Juni Mun, Vanille Ougen, Meis Vranken & Renée van Zadelhoff.

Technical support:

Ignaz van Rijckevorsel, Henrik Rakatin, Asia Skupinska, Lucien Easton, Zep Nieuwenhuijs & Emile Weisz.

Supervised by:

Juul van den Heuvel & Mariken Overdijk

Photo’s by Marta Capilla, the Technical Support Team & the supervisors