MUSIC/ARTWORK: Artwork for “Doem, Dood & Verderf _The Singles Collection [Legacy Edition]” by Pink Boah, 2022

A collection of singles produced for a video / illustration series by Mees Joachim van Amesfoort (Zalmroze) in 2017, in collaboration with the band Jerboah (Zalmroze + Jerboah = Pink Boah). 5 of the band’s members were recorded improvising separately and mixed together through a chop & screw method.

The songs ‘Doem’, ‘Dood’ & ‘Verderf’ were the three resulting tracks, delving into the hardest timeframes and roughest moments of three of the artist’s longterm relationships up until 2017.

The other tracks on this collection are demo’s of results that were unfit for the multimedia project and a remix of Jerboah’s ‘Pathological’.

The tracks ‘Doem’ & ‘Dood’ have been previously released on Jerboah’s Bristly/Gnaw EP in 2018.


Lead vocals (track 1-4): Mees Joachim van Amesfoort
Lead vocals (track 5, 6, 7): Brechtje van Dijk (Bec Plexus)
Lead vocals (track 7): Jornt Duyx
Backing vocals: Brechtje van Dijk (Bec Plexus) (track 1-3)
Drums: Marcos Baggiani (track 1-3, 5-7)
Guitar: Jornt Duyx ( track 1, 3-7)
EWI: Dodó Kis (track 2, 3, 6, 7)
Recorders: Sarah Jeffery (track 3, 5, 7)
Keys / Synth: Mees Joachim van Amesfoort (track 2, 3, 4)
Noise: Mees Joachim van Amesfoort (track 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)

Written by Mees Joachim van Amesfoort
Produced by Mees Joachim van Amesfoort
Additional production by Brechtje van Dijk (Bec Plexus)
Mixed by Mees Joachim van Amesfoort
Mastered by Jornt Duyx (track 1-3)
& Mees Joachim van Amesfoort (track 4-7)

Recorded at / in:
Koudum, Frysland
Zeemanshuis, Amsterdam
Slotermees Sound Studios, Amsterdam
Zuid, Amsterdam
Splendor, Amsterdam

Additional credits:
-Track 4 was ghostwritten by Peter Triep.
-The sentence “Ik zit altijd in de trein die stil staat voor andere treinen en nooit in de trein die door rijd” on track 1 is from a facebook post by Niquita Morgen in 2017.

Special thanks to Brechtje, Jornt, Sarah, Dodó, Marcos, Fabiënne, Dennis, Jojanneke, Anika, Christian, Reinier, Lingyun, Angélique, Jelte, Tom, Maximilian, Raklo, Emma, Chinelle, Tim, Gleb, Thibault, Yiyi, Sara, Jesse, Nick, Wijbrand, Miko, Jamie Stewart, Conor Oberst, Mica Levi, Thom Yorke, Tegan and Sara, Kanye West, Josephine Zwaan, Roos Rebergen, Peter de Vries